The Light From Within

Hello and thanks for being here!

I’m amazed at those literary geniuses that can paint beautiful pictures simply with words. The people whose words touch those tender places you often weren’t even aware existed.

When you find someone who can combine that gift, along with the ability to capture the exquisite beauty found in nature, you’ve found one of those special souls in life.

A few months ago I joined a group on Facebook  called Lensbaby Artistry. It’s a closed group but I simply requested to join and was most grateful to be accepted.

This past week, I came across one of those special souls that takes the light from within and shines it out into the world for all to see. There’s no escaping just how special these people really are.

Amanda Mitchell is one such person and her work is truly phenomenal and awe inspiring. Amanda spends her days photographing the finer details in life like a dew-drop on a flower petal, the eyes of a worker bee and she captures and creates a special  kind of magic behind her lens.   There’s even more magic that happens when she describes the scene before her. . . the words seem to go straight to your heart.

From what I’ve seen posted in the  group so far, her work has concentrated primarily on macro photography. It’s here  where Amanda sheds light on the beautiful details in nature otherwise missed.

For each of the beautiful images she posts, Amanda is always gracious in explaining the camera settings she has used.  I can never say enough about how  wonderful I think it is when people with such skill and talent are so gracious in doing their best to help others elevate their skills.

Here’s a glimpse into the world as seen and captured by the ever so talented  Amanda  Mitchell. If you ‘d like to see more of Amanda’s photography be sure to check her out at Octographs Photography.

“Day 90: Platinum Petals

Sometimes simplicity is best. When the muse is fleeting and inspiration refuses to strike, get in close, strip away the distraction of color, and breathe in the perfume of a flower’s essence.””

Amanda Mitchell's photo.

“Day 89: In the Time of the Drought

This is a roadside weed, the whole flower measuring not even 2 inches across when fully open. But not knowing its diminutive stature, each of the flower’s petals is delicately painted and immaculately turned out. Raising its face to the sun, the bloom dreams of rain. And on a petal’s tip, a droplet of water can hold a whole universe.”

Amanda Mitchell's photo.

“Day 83: Hello?

When the global news is horrible and terrifying. When the violence of the outside threatens the peace of the inside. When big bad world looks scary bad…

It’s time to refocus.

To look at the small things. To concentrate on the peace that still exists, surrounding us in our utter oblivion. Even when we have created a world in turmoil.

The iridescence of my little friend, the powerful frailty of his wings, the expression on his face. All these serve to remind me that the world is richer and more beautiful than the latest screaming news headline would have us believe.”

Amanda Mitchell's photo.

“Day 85: Feeling My Way

Within the tree blossom lives a whole universe of little creatures. Often I hear them, but only infrequently can I see them. Peering through my lens, I have the honor of coming nose to wing with these denizens and, for the instant when I see their complexity and modest beauty, my breath catches and I am transfixed.”


Pretty incredible  . . . right!

 With Gratitude and until next time,




4 thoughts on “The Light From Within

  1. Anne Mountifield

    That’s amazing……and am so happy to have seen these pictures. Thank you so much.

    On Tue, Apr 12, 2016 at 11:25 PM, Gathered Gratitude wrote:

    > Gathered Gratitude posted: “Hello and thanks for being here! I’m amazed at > those literary geniuses that can paint beautiful pictures simply with > words. The people whose words touch those tender places you often weren’t > even aware existed. When you find someone who can combine that” >


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