Photoshop – The brush off!


Do you remember me telling you  about the new course I was taking with Kim Klassen?

The Art of Digital Texture has been absolutely fabulous and I’ve learned so much in this class just as I have in all  the classes I’ve taken from Kim.

The course has covered how to capture textures . . .  how to create textures as well as how to make texture brushes in Photoshop. I absolutely love the creativity it’s unleashed and let’s just say that I might have gotten a little carried away in my enthusiasm.

I was  working on a  texture the other day and went to save a brush in Photoshop that I’d just made. What was this? . . . An error message? Really?? What do you mean I’ve exceeded the libraries capacity?

I began trying to remove some of the brushes out of my brush library.

At first I tried to highlight a group to delete it . . . no luck.  Dang!  Surely I wasn’t going to have to delete the darn things one by one? I had SO many . . . what a tedious process that was going to be!

I knew I could use the drop-down menu and select “Reset Brushes” but it wasn’t an option for me as I had brushes in my library I was still needing to use.

After much frustration, some trial and error, I finally found a work-around that seems to have solved the problem.

There seems to  be more than one approach to things when working in Photoshop but this is the one I found that worked for me.

Open Photoshop and select the “Brush” option from the side panel.


Next, click on the brush icons down arrow at the top left of the panel.


This will open up a panel revealing a small “fly wheel” (it looks like a small gear) in the right-hand corner of the panel. Click on it to reveal the drop-down menu.


From the drop-down menu, click on “Preset Manager.”


If you’re not seeing your brushes here be sure to look at the “Preset Type” that’s currently selected.


If it doesn’t say “Brushes” in the “Preset Type:” window,  simply click on the small drop-down arrow and select it from the menu. This is where the golden ticket lies to deleting multiple brushes in one click!

Once the panel opens revealing your brushes, simply hold down the shift key while clicking on the brushes you want to remove. (Be sure you have your brushes saved somewhere on your PC first! –  If you’re unsure you have the option to save the selection by clicking on “Save Set” from the panel on the right.)


Once you’ve made your selection and are ready to remove the brushes, simply click “Delete” and enjoy the gratifying feeling! So easy and so fast right!


I hope you find this quick and easy  Take Away Tuesday tip useful.


Until next time and with Gratitude,









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