Easter Dinner . . . Sauces and such

Hello and thanks for stopping by!

I had a dozen of the “best” of intentions about things I wanted to blog  about for you for Easter but everything came to a grinding halt.

First was an Easter banner I made in Photoshop that I wanted to make so anyone interested could download it.


(It looks so cheerful in our entrance . . . at least in my mind!)  but alas, my limited technical abilities and know-how hit a deadend when it came to figuring out just exactly how to make a download link to the file happen.

Was it a plugin I needed?  . . . Was it a matter of hosting things on a server? I had and have no idea!

The same thing happened when I went to make some downloadable Easter/Spring word art and downloadable Photoshop brushes. Grrr  . . . time to regroup!

Today I was basking in the sun enjoying the latest edition of Artful Blogging (don’t you just adore that magazine!) when my lovely daughter-in-law sent me a text requesting a recipe  and . . . ta-dah, there it was.  The answer and inspiration for today’s post.

For many, this weekend will be spent gathered around the table with family and friends celebrating Easter.

It’s a special time of sharing good food and conversation while making wonderful memories.

There’s nothing better than time spent with family if you ask me.

This year our son and his family will be away so we’ll be celebrating Easter with our daughter and son-in-law.

I was going to keep dinner simple and do away with the whole turkey and stuffing thing but my husband has his heart and taste buds set on it so turkey and trimmings it is.

Some years I’ve taken to just popping a ham in the oven which in our house can only be served  with Aunty Marilyn’s special ham sauce. (Sisters are simply the best aren’t they!)

It’s become a family staple over the years (heaven help me if I ever lose it!) and it’s wonderful because it tastes fabulous with warm sliced ham or cold on a ham sandwich.

If you’re like me and you’re not making a ham this Easter, I encourage you to save it and tuck it away for the next time you do. It’s truly too good to miss!

Just click on the image below, save it and share if you’d like. Good things need to be shared after all!

Ham Sauce Bev Rogan

I hope you have a wonderful Easter!

With Gratitude,







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