Sticky Notes For Your PC!

Hello and thanks so much for being here!

At long last I’m starting to find my way and I’m happy to tell you that I’ll be devoting Tuesdays to talking about things that you can take away and use to enhance your life. The topics will span the gamut from things  like Photoshop and Lightroom tips and tricks to sewing projects, recipes and household tips and products. I’ll be introducing you to some great websites and products and I’ll even be posting the occasional freebie  . . . (Everybody loves free right!)

I love learning and discovering new things and by focusing Tuesdays on these kinds of features  I’m ensuring that I do just that. I hope you’ll join me here and that you find some things you’ll want to take away.

Today I’m focusing on a small but mighty app tucked away and built right into Windows.  If you haven’t heard about Sticky Notes don’t be surprised as its not been widely promoted by Microsoft  and it’s certainly easy enough to pass by.

Sticky Notes are just like the name says, great little customizable sticky notes that pop up right on your screen to help you keep track of important dates or “to do” items. I absolutely love it!

Today I’ll show you how to access the app, I’m working in Windows 10 but if you’re using Windows Vista Home Premium, Business, Ultimate or Enterprise  you’ll be able to access it as well. I’ve also included something today for Mac users too so please read on.

To access the app you’ll want to find the Windows Start button.  vista_icon_rgb  Now type in Sticky Notes in the search bar. Sticky Notes will pop up in the menu like this,

sticky notes

Click on Sticky Notes in the menu and your very first sticky note will appear on your screen. How great is that!

Sticky Notes 2

If you hover your mouse over the note you’ll notice a + sign appears in the left corner and a small x will appear in the right-hand corner when you hover over it. When you left-click  (Ctrl +N for the shortcut) on the plus sign you’ll automatically generate another sticky note.  To delete a note, simply click (Ctrl + D) on the small x and the note’s gone!

Another nice feature of the app is that there’s also the option to change the colour of your sticky note. Simply right-click on an existing sticky note and the menu will open giving you the option to choose from either Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, White or Yellow.

If you’d like to ensure Sticky Notes opens on Start-up follow the steps above and then click on the Tools menu, select Options and then click on, Open at Start-up. 

If you want to be sure your Sticky Notes are always visible on your desktop, follow the steps as you did to ensure Sticky Notes opens on Start-up but this time click on Always on Top. Easy -peasy right!

For all of you Mac users out there, I came across this how to for getting Sticky Notes on your desktop.  I hope it helps!

Until next time friends and with gratitude,





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