Lean Into the Discomfort

I haven’t been around for a bit, partly because I’ve been under the weather but if I’m honest, the truth is . . .  I’ve been struggling for awhile.

Have you ever had that awful uncomfortable thing where you wish you wanted to? Part of me wanted to write and part of me didn’t. I’ve felt stuck and yet try as I may I just haven’t been able to pull out of it.

I’m not sure at what point the realization came but come it did. There was simply no point in trying to force things because pound away as I may, that square peg just simply wasn’t going into that round hole. I finally had to concede, the only way out, was through. I simply had to wait it out.

A few days ago a friend  suggested that I should write a Steller story and seeing how my husband and I had just recently taken a trip to the mountains and my camera had, had a real good workout, it seemed like it just may be the thing I needed to get me going.

I began gathering all of my images and sat down to write my story, there was just one thing missing.  Naturally, if you’re going to tell a story, you have to have the perfect quote to start  . . right?

I began my search and poked around on Facebook for a bit and eventually landed at the page of Dr. Brene’ Brown. I honestly have no idea how I landed on her page but I feel like she’s someone I should have known of or at least heard about long ago. Suddenly, instead of writing my story . . . I was researching hers.

If by chance you haven’t heard of her either, I can tell you that Brene’ is a researcher, professor, public speaker, (more on that in just a bit) scholar, educator and author.

As I poured through the posts on her Facebook page  I was drawn in further and further. One thing led to the next and suddenly I was on the internet reading the list of  books she had authored and then I saw it. . . the link to a TED talk she’d given, The Power of Vulnerability. It stopped me dead in my tracks.

I think its safe to say that we all struggle with vulnerability from time to time and I realize now the part vulnerability was playing in my being stuck after having listened to Brene’s talk.

It’s hard when we allow ourselves to be seen . . . deeply and vulnerably seen as she says.  When we put ourselves out there we’re opening ourselves up to judgment and criticism. It’s in those moments where we find ourselves asking, am I enough . . . is what I’m doing, good enough? It was right there where I was getting stuck.

I won’t tell you how many different topics I wrote about this past few weeks or how many times I rewrote each one, but I can tell you that I realize now that as long as I continue to  play it “safe” I’m never going to get anywhere.

Life is messy as they say and not everything we tackle is going to be a home run but I’d sooner step up to the plate with knees knocking than sit on the sidelines letting life and opportunity pass me by.

I  really encourage you to take just 23 minutes out of your day to watch her talk.  I truly believe it’s the best investment you can make in yourself and for those you love.

I’ve since found some other inspiring talks by Brene’ and have compiled a list for you along with the books she’s written. I hope you enjoy!

Brene’s talks;

  1. Listening to Shame
  2. The Price of Vulnerability
  3. Why Your Critics Aren’t The Ones Who Count

Books she’s written;


With Gratitude and until next time!





3 thoughts on “Lean Into the Discomfort

  1. Karen

    So glad you are back in the game doing what you love to do and having the courage to do it!
    I plan to check out Brene Brown’s website – thanks for your suggestion Bev.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Anita Pollak

    Oh Bev, what a wonderful post! I’m so sorry you’ve been struggling but so glad that you found your way to Brene Brown. I saw that TED talk recently and it really hit home. And now I’m going back to my Kindle library to re-read The Gifts of Imperfection. Your words, and Brene’s as well – are just what I need to hear right now, my friend!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Gathered Gratitude

      Oh Anita, thank you so much for your kind words and lovely comment. I haven’t read any of Brene’s books but it just so happens I was thinking of beginning with “The Gifts of Imperfection.” Can’t tell you how much I appreciate your kind words and your stopping by, you are such a dear friend. 💓


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