Foodies Unite!


Todays post is going to be of particular interest to those of you who create the beautiful food blogs that have me drooling with every post and for those of you who simply collect, savour and cherish recipes of any and all kinds.  If you love a good recipe and or cookbook then today’s post is definitely for you!

This Christmas we started a new family tradition, the idea came from my daughter. Typically Christmas eve is when the festivities begin in our family and it always involves food and lots of it!  This year my daughter thought that it might be fun if we mixed things up a little and suggested that each of us pick a continent and then pick a dish that would be something served there. Whatever dish you picked, whatever recipe you made had to be in keeping with the continent you drew. I thought it was brilliant!

We gathered two jars and in the first we put all the continents (each on a seperate piece of paper) and in the second jar we put the names of each of the dishes by category, again on separate pieces of paper.

The first category was amuse bouche,  (French term meaning “mouth pleaser”) followed by an appetizer, salad, entrée and dessert.  In keeping with the holidays, each person also had to serve a drink from the continent they had picked. Thankfully the festivities started early in the afternoon!

After finally making our way through a lot of great food and then eventually  dessert, we came up with the idea of collecting the recipes each Christmas along with some family photos of our time together so we could turn them into a family cookbook. We thought it would be a great way to capture our memories and to share them with future generations.

I offered to be the “keeper” of the recipes understanding that eventually I would be tasked with compiling them into a book. The question was, what would be the best way to go about it with so many choices available?

My search landed me at the cyber home of Bake Space,  a lottery of sorts for those who believe food to be so much more than simply nourishment.  Bake Space affords its members the ability to post, search and swap recipes as well as customizing their own online kitchen.

There’s even a virtual pantry, the ability to create blogs and are you ready for this?  . .  The ability to make, market and sell your own cookbook!

The site hosts over 60,000 recipes and countless cookbooks that food enthusiasts can collect and purchase. You can even connect in their forums with others that share your passion.


The maker and baker’s dream

I don’t think we’re quite ready to publish our own cookbook just yet but Bake Space is definitely a site that’s piqued my interest and curiosity!


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