Lost and Found


It’s mid January and winter has really arrived in Alberta. We can’t complain as generally the weather we’re just getting now has been here for well over a month.

Last week the deep freeze hit and the thermometer plummeted to -25C  (-13F).   Add to that a blustery wind and the end result is an ambient temperature of a  frigid -35 C! It’s a chill that goes straight to your bones.

Thankfully the deep-freeze was short lived and what followed was simply pure magic! As the cold front moved out and the warmer air crept in, the world became a canvas for Jack Frost to work his magic.

Frost has always fascinated me.  I love how it changes and beautifies the simplest of objects and landscapes. It takes some very precise conditions in order for it to make its appearance and even more to ensure its longevity.

I’ve had the disappointing  experience of missing the show completely when I’ve waited too long to grab my camera and either the wind and or the heat of the sun have erased any and all traces of the beautiful sugar coated surfaces.

On this particular morning having learned my lesson the hard way more than a time or two, the minute I looked out the window and saw the frost, I ran to grab my gear.  It was  7:00 am and the conditions just couldn’t possibly be more perfect! The air was still . .  the skies were clear and the sun was just beginning to think about getting up.

I’m so lucky to live where I do as in a matter of minutes I can be driving in the country where the prairie and horizon stretch as far as the eye can see. No trains, no traffic lights, no sirens . . . just the simple uncluttered landscape and the sound of blissful silence.

I admit I have absolutely no conception of time on these excursions as I become completely engrossed in the beauty before me. It somehow lures me deeper and deeper with each turn I take and each road I travel. It never escapes me just how fortunate I am to be doing what I love while seeing the amazing things I do.

Something happens to me in those moments when I’m behind the lens of my camera. My husband would tell you  I get lost . . . I would tell you that its in those moments, that I am found.


The first blush of dawn


1I8A5252- resized fb

The show . . . so very worth the wait



Winter covers the world in crystal white magic . . .



Winter Wonderland



The world is filled with gifts just waiting to be discovered




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