So Now What?

Hello Friends,

The 5:45 am alarm rings, there’s lunches to be made, schedules to be kept. The Christmas decorations and memories have all been gathered and lovingly stowed away for another year. The day marches on, the new year waits for no one . . . .  So now what?

I feel like I’m supposed to have some miraculous game plan in place as to how I’m going to fill the next three hundred and sixty plus days but the truth of the matter is  . . . . I just don’t.

I can’t get over the feeling of some unspoken expectation where my  life as of January first should have been succinctly laid out in great detail in tidy rows and columns for all the world to see.

Instead I sit with cold coffee in hand waiting for some lightening bolt to pierce through my mental fog revealing what it is I’m to do with the next year of my life.


A cup of possibilities


Last year was so much easier . . . life had plans for me, I simply had to show up.  Yet now here I sit with this entire year looming ahead like a fresh white canvas awaiting it’s first brush stroke.

What does one do with so many options and choices?  The longer I sit with that thought the more uncomfortable I become . . . I suddenly feel like an over indulged spoiled brat.

What to do with an entire year? . . .  A blank canvas if you will? The more  I twirl the words over in my mind the more resounding and profound the realization.

What a gift! What a luxury!  To be able to take each day and fill it with one’s own choosing. How many people in this crazy mixed up world get to do that?

The longer I sit with my cold coffee, the warmer my heart grows knowing just how full my cup really  is.

6 thoughts on “So Now What?

  1. Nanci

    We are blessed beyond measure, aren’t we..when we have a new year to look forward to and the opportunity to do things of our own choosing. So many people don’t have that luxury. I hope your New Year is filled with adventures beyond your wildest imagination….I will look forward to hearing about them….


    1. Gathered Gratitude

      Hello Nancy! We most certainly are and I look forward to seeing where your journey leads you this year. I love stopping by your beautiful blog and seeing your gorgeous images. Thank you for your kind words. ♥


  2. Anne Mountifield

    This is such an introspective piece, but it resonates with me as, I am sure, it does with all of your readers. It is a luxury to have the opportunity to really consider and then anticipate what can be done with the time at hand. Once again, Barb, I feel you have identified the one particular? peculiar? heart of this question.


  3. Gathered Gratitude

    Hi Anne, Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by. It’s so easy to feel burdened with the perception of expectation whether real or imagined. It just struck me today how my perceived dilemma was a gift many in this world would welcome. I so appreciate your comments and views Anne, thanks so much!


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