The Book of Christmas


After finding out on Christmas Day that my blog had been hijacked by my four month old Grandaughter,  (you’ll find it here.) we settled in to celebrating her very first Christmas and it was truly phenomenal!

I don’t know many parents who would suggest the Grandparents of their first born,  be the ones to greet her as she awoke on her first Christmas morning but that’s exactly what my son and his wife did.  It filled my heart to the point of over-flowing.


The book of Christmas turns its first page

There was something about that moment that I’ll never forget. Those big bright blue eyes filled with wonder at the face that greeted her and the smiles that followed and enveloped her whole body.

It was a beautiful unexpected glimpse into her world that provided us with that “knowing,” of just how her mornings began each day . . . SUCH a gift! 

We all seem to struggle at Christmas to find just the right gift for those we love but I can tell you without a doubt, the most precious gifts I received this year, (just as they are every year)  weren’t those that were packaged, purchased and wrapped. Rather, they were the things that each person did to be present for the other.

The countless miles driven on winter roads to ensure each set of parents would have Christmas with their kids, the hours spent in the kitchen preparing special dishes while juggling a crying baby. Oh and lets not forget, collaborating with a sibling to hijack a blog!  These are the kind of things that each person does because of the pull and longing to connect with family.

These are the priceless gifts that come from the heart. No purchase can come close to bringing that kind of joy, at least not in my books.

It takes so little to show someone how much we care . . . in fact sometimes all it takes is a little thought.

I don’t know if you’ve heard about the FREE  Steller story app but it’s a great app that lets you publish stories and follow other Steller story tellers too. You’ll find dozens of categories from food and photography to fashion and architecture just to name a few.  You can check it out on Facebook.

I published my first Steller story today, “The Book of Christmas.” Unfortunately WordPress won’t allow me to embed it but you’ll find it here if you’d like to check it out.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas that filled your heart too!

With gratitude,













3 thoughts on “The Book of Christmas

    1. Gathered Gratitude

      Hi Margo, I thought about you a LOT this Christmas. I know I’ll feel much the same next year. We’ll just have to take lots of pictures for each other on our “off” years. I hope the pictures help a little. 💗


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