A Letter From the Desk of Bean

Um… Hello?

To be honest, I am not really sure how to start a blog. This is my first one. In fact, this is also my first Christmas so there are lots of new things to figure out here. I think it is safe to say that when you are not even five months old, the world can be a pretty confusing place. So here you have it: my first blog, on my first Christmas and the first time I have stolen anything (although I am really hoping my Grandma won’t mind me breaking into her blog and stealing an entry). And let’s be honest here, the whole premise of commercial Christmas is a fat man breaking into people’s houses and stealing cookies and milk in return for leaving stuff under the tree, so technically a chubby baby breaking into the internet doesn’t seem like that big of a deal all things considered.

You may be wondering how a nearly five month old is pulling this off. Well, I am writing from the ‘office’ my Mom’s friends got me, which is harder than it sounds since the desk is mostly equipped with plastic fruit tied on with a string that I am supposed to pull out and put back in, but I prevail nonetheless. Consider it a Christmas Miracle that a bundle of plastic grapes can be manipulated into generating text on a screen.




You might be asking why is a four and a half month old breaking into the internet to post to her Grandma’s blog? Well, the answer is pretty simple-  my Grandma has taught me a lot in the last few months and I thought that in the spirit of Christmas, I would share what I have learned with all of you.


Lesson One: It is never too late to learn new things

If you have explored the photos on this page, you will note that there are some absolutely stunning images. What you maybe don’t know is that this is a skill my Grandma picked up in the last couple of years. We share a lot in common that way; I recently learned how to giggle (much to the delight of my whole family) and she had to figure out Adobe. I learned how to use a jolly jumper and she had to learn how to use different lenses. As it turns out, we also both have really expensive hobbies- it is costing my parents a fortune to keep up with all the diapers that will help me one day learn to use a toilet and her camera equipment isn’t cheap. Which I guess is another important lesson- whether it is time or money, if you want to learn something you have to be prepared to invest something too.


Lesson Two: It is definitely better to give than to receive

I remember the first time I smiled without passing gas like it was yesterday. Well, in fairness, it was pretty close to yesterday. But what I remember the most is how much I got back in giving that smile. It is very similar to the first time I legitimately held my head up. Or the first time I pooped right up the back of my diaper for my Mom. I mean, these truly are the gifts that keep on giving. My Grandma loves to give presents; sometimes that is by surprising her kids by cleaning their house when they really needed it; getting me an outfit that I haven’t even thrown up on yet; a lemon zester because she just happened to notice my Auntie didn’t have one- no matter what it is, she always has a bigger smile giving a gift than she ever has in receiving one. It is very easy this time of year to become focused on what you want to receive, but if we all focused on what we wanted to give, I think there would be a lot more smiles in the world. (Allegedly, because let’s be honest, everyone is ALWAYS smiling around me… I am not actually aware of what a smileless world looks like… even when I test people by screaming DIRECTLY in their ear drums….sometimes for hours…. I am ESPECIALLY good at testing people at bed time).


Lesson Three: There is nothing more important than family

       Lesson Three B: There is more to family than blood

For the first two months of my life I was pretty sure I was the center of my Grandma’s universe, but as soon as I started being able to focus more than thirteen inches in front of my face, I started to realize that Grandma makes everyone feel like the center of her universe. In fact if you don’t pay attention, you would maybe misconstrue that there was no more love left for anyone else, so great is the love that she gives you. But you would be mistaken, because her heart is bigger than the world seemed when I was still safe within my Mom. Because her love is deeper than the darkness that existed before my eyes first saw the light. What is even more amazing is how her family grows with each passing year; the way in which strangers become friends and friends then become family. It is easy sometimes to feel overwhelmed just trying to take care of yourself, let alone all the people that you encounter, but my Grandma has shown me that the only wealth worth having is the richness of family and friends and the more you give, the more you get (refer to Lesson Two).

Well, there you have it- three important lessons from my Grandma, brought to you from me. I hope that this Christmas season brings you wonder, joy and appreciation for the small things. You may not have all that you want, but I hope that this season you have enough. I hope that you give as much love as your heart can offer and receive more love than your heart can hold. Merry Christmas!!


With lots of love,







12 thoughts on “A Letter From the Desk of Bean

  1. Bev

    Imagine my surprise at learning someone had hijacked my blog on Christmas Day of all things!
    I know I’m on a lot of Meds for my messed up back right now but that really threw me for a loop!
    My goal since the day I had my two beautiful children, was to be sure they never doubted for a minute or a day, how much I loved them. Finding this today tells me I succeeded after finding what both kids did.
    My greatest wealth in life is my family and today the blogging world just got a small taste of why that is.
    Not only did you help and encourage me to set up this blog, you helped my granddaughter hijack it. What can I say!? 😊
    Merry Christmas to the most wonderful son, daughter and granddaughter a girl could ever ask for. ❤️❤️❤️ My love and gratitude for you all is endless.


  2. Randi

    Bean – you are so adorable just like the rest of your amazing family. Merry Christmas. Looking forward to many more stories from you and your family. :).


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