I’m truly grateful to have to have you here, especially when life seems to be humming along faster than the speed of light these days.

I was struggling with what to title today’s post and settled on one that I think says it perfectly, K.I.S.S  . . . Keep It Simple Stupid! No offense  but the “keep it simple part” is definitely the make it  or break it point at this time of year.

I’ve spent many a Christmas flat out putting everything I had into everything I did only to arrive at Christmas dinner barely able to drag my sorry butt to the table.

I remember sitting through those  dinners willing  everyone to eat and drink way too much just so that they’d end up leaving early. All I could think about was how badly I wanted to curl up into a fetal ball and sleep!

After a few years of that nonsense I’ve finally gotten smarter and I’ve simplified things  . .  . a LOT! There’s a whole host of things that can help us survive this season and I’m here to share one of the simplest with you.

At one point  today I looked at the clock . . .   it was almost 2:30.  No wonder I was feeling ravenous!   I knew I had neither the time nor the desire to come up with anything too elaborate and that’s when it happened!  I discovered what’s got to be the fastest, tastiest and  healthiest (OK maybe I’m stretching that just a tiny bit) appetizer.

If you do yourself ONE favour this holiday season its got to be to have these 3 simple ingredients on hand because if you do, you can whip up a fairly impressive appetizer in just 4 minutes!

OK so here’s the how to! First you want to buy yourself a box or two of Rice Thins. The good thing about these little beauties is they’re gluten free should any of your guest be gluten intolerant.

Rice Thins

Next you want to have a container of guacamole on hand. I purchased mine in the deli section of my local grocery store. It happened to be organic.


The last ingredient you need in your pantry is any one of the flavoured  Ocean’s fat free light tuna products. They range from teriyaki, smoked and Thai  to their  wild pacific salmon. Today I used the Thai Chili light flaked tuna and it was D-lish!


OK so now its time to set your timer and start your production line!

  1. Take a Rice Thin
  2. Spread a thin layer of guacamole over the cracker
  3. Place a dollop of tuna or salmon on top of the guacamole
  4. Optional – place a slice of red or green pepper into the center for a garnish. I was short of time today so that step was left out.


Anyhow I hope this takes a bit of stress out of things for you and just remember . . . this season is about spending time with friends and family so try to simplify things as much as possible so you get the most out of those visits.

Wishing you and yours the very best this holiday season!

With gratitude,




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