Don’t Forget Your Parachute


Wow! Where oh where did November go? I can’t believe this is it . . .  the end of the month and the end of  the 30 day #nablopomo challenge.

Diving into a practice of  daily blogging when you don’t know the first thing about it and you’ve been at it  for all of, lets see now  . . .  2 days, is pretty much pure madness don’t you think?

I have to say now that it’s all  said and done and I’ve had time to reflect on the experience, I’m really glad I took the jump.

Some days my search for inspiration resulted in some pretty amazing finds, not to mention, I learned a few lessons along the way.  It seems that when one travels through life, some lessons bear repeating.

Here’s just a few;

  1. Research –  When setting your sites on new horizons look long and hard at the logistics of how you plan on getting there. Remember that while there might be an attractive seat sale to be had, its you and you alone who are going to be boarding  that plane!
  2. Plan – Plan for detours and  delays and always,  have a backup plan. Delays are inevitable, its how we deal with them that counts. Being prepared for each leg of the journey means you’ve more than won the battle!
  3. Familiarize Yourself –  Get in touch with your new surroundings. Check out the best way to navigate your route. (There’s more than one way to skin a cat as they say! ) Consider your options.
  4. Explore –  check out as many places as possible.  Ask questions of those you encounter along the way.
  5. Travel in a Group – Be sure to hook up with a seasoned traveller or two . . .they can take alot of the guess work out of things and make your trip that much more enjoyable.
  6. Have Fun – Don’t take yourself too seriously or get bogged down in the details. Half the fun of travelling is discovering new things about yourself!
  7. Go where your heart leads you – There’s nothing like following your own drummer to discover your hidden bits.
  8. Enjoy the Journey – No matter what obstacles come your way, savour the treasures of each day. Reflect on things so the next trip can go more smoothly.
  9. Don’t miss your flight – There’s so many exciting and wonderful things to be explored  and getting sidetracked and missing the trip altogether would be an experience forever lost.
  10. Keep your passport up to date – Plan ahead, after all you just never know when you might want to take that next trip.

Oh and one last thing,  . . . . if you have a fear of flying . . .  don’t forget your parachute! 

Thanks for being here and for sharing my journey. I do hope you’ll stop by from time-to-time.

With Gratitude,


6 thoughts on “Don’t Forget Your Parachute

  1. createdforajourney

    Congratulations on finishing this blog challenge. I did miss a few days but glad I took the challenge and didn’t give up. As you’ve said, there were many lessons to learn. I have enjoyed your posts during this month and look forward to what’s ahead in blog world….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Gathered Gratitude

      And a hearty congratulations to you too Nancy on completing the challenge!! Iloved getting to know more about you and Simon while enjoying your beautiful photography. I firmly believe life is all about the journey and I’m so glad we connected in the world of blogging and in the Studio. Looking forward to following the year ahead with you, many thanks for your kindness. 💓


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