Showing Up


I know . . . I’m really cutting this one close, where did the day go? It’s not going to be the sort of thing one’s super proud of but hey, I made a commitment to post every day for 30 days and I’m a girl of my word by George (how was it he got singled out anyhow?) so here it is!

I figure in life if you aren’t good for your word, then what? Right!? I don’t know if anything gets under my skin quite like not being able to count on someone to mean what they say and to follow through with what they’ve promised to do.  For me its all about showing up in life,  and showing up in the lives of others.

I have to confess . . . . I haven’t been doing such a great job of showing up lately. I’ve done a few gigs of collecting donations  and when I undertake these ventures, my family and friends end up taking them on too.

You end up spending a lot of time making phone calls, sending emails and texts. There’s websites and Facebook pages to create and a ton of documents to pull together.

While you march head down, full steam ahead you end up leaving loved ones and friends behind. You’re counting on their understanding . . you’re banking on their patience.

Things you’ve promised to do suddenly end up lost in a sea of details and suddenly, you’re one of “them “. . . the people who aren’t good for their word, the people who don’t follow through on what they said they’d do.

I’m not so great at balancing these big projects and with each one, I keep vowing to get better . . . .  I need to do better. It’s so easy to see the short-comings in others while ignoring our own.

Today was a great reminder of what a true gift in life the people who do show up and follow through are.  They’re the ones who open doors, the ones that make the seemingly impossible, possible. They’re the people you can count on . . . there’s nothing better than that.

I’m so grateful to the people today that showed up for me. Because of them, doors were opened and obstacles  were overcome.  I’m so  overjoyed to share with you that there’s now a  Facebook page for anyone wanting to donate to the refugees from Syria,  you’ll find it here.

And so on that note and on wanting to do better by being good for my word . . . I’m signing off and I’m going to go spend some time with my family and some friends.

Oh and one more thing before I go . . . a big thanks to you, for showing up!

With Gratitude,









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