Useful Things


Happy Saturday!  I don’t know about you but I swear Saturday has to be the shortest day of the week.  How is it that it seems to take forever to get here and then the next thing, you look at the clock  and wonder where it went.

Saturdays in our house tend to be a day for running errands, odd jobs and most often, a special long walk for Sophie makes its way on to the list too. Except for today when I looked at the clock and realized I still hadn’t  come up with a topic for todays post and yet here it was almost time to make supper. Ooops . . .  Reality check!

So in my moment of panic I went to my faithful old fallback and place for inspiration . . . . Pinterest!

I don’t know if you’re a fan or not but it seems to me you’re either a pinning fiend or you’re one of the people that still can’t understand what all the hypes about.

I’ve been a pinning fiend of epic proportions these past few years and have gathered a ton of inspiration and information from Pinterest. I absolutely love having a place to organize and store all of my favorite things.

So when I tell you I’ve been a pinning fiend of epic proportions what do I mean?  I  hate to admit it and am actually somewhat embarrassed to tell you but as of today  ( I just did a quick check) I have over 11,600 pins along with 117 boards!  (I honestly do have a life outside of Pinterest)

I’ve  realized something  though, . . .  I don’t really “visit “my boards and pins very often.  It seems like  a giant waste of time to go to the effort of finding and pinning things only to park them on a board. Don’t you agree? Hmm . . . . Time to do a little  Pinterst “housekeeping!”   .

Today I started with my  Useful Things  board. I thought while I was cleaning it up that I might as well share a few of the pins with you.  Of course you’re free to check out the entire board and pin anything you find useful.  (Actually I wish you would so I can at least feel they’re serving a purpose!) – wink

Here’s some of my top picks. I hope you find them useful!

  1. How to avoid costly cellphone roaming charges
  2. How to get rid of that annoying  É  character on your keyboard
  3. The magic way to clean your windows. Streaks be gone!
  4. Planning a trip? This app tells you the places to that are photo worthy at your destination
  5. 20 Napkin Folding Techniques
  6. How to remove those annoying stickers from stainless steel
  7. How to pin from Facebook
  8. Favorite tips for picking the perfect paint colour
  9. How to replace a broken iPhone screen
  10. How to get paint off of a variety of things even after its dry!

Until tomorrow friends!

With Gratitude,


2 thoughts on “Useful Things

  1. Marilyn Battaglia

    Okay, I got lost in your pins and I found a couple of paint colours that I really like and then I found some really neat art projects I’d like to try. Meant to go to bed an hour ago 🙂
    Thanks for sharing those pins sis.


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