Walk a Mile . . . Give a Mile

Hello Friends!

I can’t believe its Thursday already . . . where did this week go?   Life seems to speeding up these days. . . have you noticed? The next thing we know the 12 days of Christmas will be streaming on the radio and the parking lots will be filled with busy shoppers.

The holidays as we all know, can be an extremely difficult time. Imagine having the added stress and burden of caring for a critically ill loved one.

My Mom was a wonderful woman that grew up during the depression. She came from the school of hard knocks being raised by her Mother after her father left his family of 5  to start a new life.

Coming from those roots she learned a lot about heartache and struggle, she learned a lot about caring and compassion. Mom had a saying as we were growing up, “Walk a mile in my shoes,” she would say.

I remember asking her one day why she always said that, the answer has stuck with me ever since. She said that everyone in life has things they go through and a lot of things are really hard. She said that as long as you  tried to see life from the other persons perspective, you would never go wrong. My Mom was an incredibly wise woman.

Recently I learned of a not for profit  organization founded by Kevin Crowe. Kevin had given some serious thought as to the stress of having a terminally or critically ill loved one, you see Kevin had spent a lot of time visiting a hospice when his friend was losing his fight with brain cancer. He saw and learned a lot during those days and he wondered about the people in those situations that couldn’t afford to be with their loved ones. As Mom would say, Kevin “walked a mile in their shoes.”

Kevin wanted to bring the families of that situation together and so he founded , Give A Mile. It was his way of bringing hope, hugs and togetherness through flights of compassion to the sick and critically ill and their families.

Kevin has a challenge for all of us, its a challenge that goes well beyond  this holiday season but for right now he needs  25 flight hero’s that will help connect terminally ill people with their loved ones.

What’s a flight hero you ask? A flight hero is anyone who is willing to donate air miles (via Aeroplan, Air Miles Cash, Amex, bitcoin, Place2Give, American Express which can be converted to Aeroplan or Paypal or credit card.)

There’s currently a 1,000 mile minimum donation in place to help streamline operation costs but you can certainly give more.

For more details on the program please contact the  Give A Mile foundation  here

I’m so grateful for the generous and compassionate hearts of this world that make these kinds of things possible.

I hope there’s a lot of people out there like Kevin that will “Walk a Mile and Give a Mile.”


With Gratitude,














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