Making Choices

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snow wm

Today the morning saw the last remnants of a recent Chinook  . . . the snow started falling.

Winter brings a mixed bag for me. The reality of icy sidewalks means the battle in my head begins once more where I try to convince myself that there’s no way I’m going to be breaking any bones this winter. I try to feel brave . . .  but I’m not . . . really.

I know I have to make peace with the fears that try once more to occupy my thoughts . . . its been three winters, how much longer can this take? Some days are better than others . . . I hope for a pleasant surprise.  Could it be possible that with each passing winter, it erases a little of the one before it? I’d like to think so.

I think its safe to say that at some time or another we’ve all had internal battles that we’ve faced. Some will make us victors, others will make us victims. I’d like to think we have a choice as to the outcome. In my mind we do . . . it’s a thing called determination.

I’m so grateful for my memories of  beautiful walks in freshly fallen snow were I’ve watched in pure delight as my faithful companion has tunneled and rolled only to surface looking like some sugar frosted creation. It’s those moments that make my determination and resolve to embrace winter even greater.

I’ve made a choice again this year to embrace winter rather than dread it. To focus on the wonderful moments that belong only to it like trees cloaked in white , the sound of it crunching beneath my boots and that pure silence that comes from standing in a forest blanketed in deep snow.

There’s so many wonderful things about winter and l constantly remind myself that  “Fear is temporary . . . . regret lasts forever.”

I thought you might appreciate seeing the beauty of winter in these incredible  . . . Frozen Things

With Gratitude,


NaBloPoMo November 2015

2 thoughts on “Making Choices

  1. Barb Brookbank

    Oh Bev … yes, please enjoy winter … I’m sorry you have such lingering fears, but I’m sure I would too if I’d hurt myself like you did. It sounds like you may be ready to leave them behind? xo


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