Jump for Joy!

Hello Friends!

It’s been a perfect Sunday . . . running a few errands, cuddles with our granddaughter, catching up with my daughter and trying out the PicJoy app I told you about yesterday. I hope you’ve had a perfect day and that the weekend has rejuvenated you for the week ahead.

So what do I think about PicJoy? . . . I absolutely love it to the point I feel like Tom Cruise on Oprah’s couch . . . . this app’s life changing! (OK that maybe that’s a little over the top but its good   . . . . really good!)

I found the app at the iTunes store here and began exploring how it works. Here’s how it went;

  • When the app opens you’ll be asked to set up your account. You’ll be given the option of signing in with Facebook or creating an account
  • The first window will open with a search bar and small check mark in the upper right corner. (remember this feature, its how you select multiple images to either tag or delete. Please Note: Any deletions here will remove the image(s) from your camera roll and from the cloud  permanently so do be careful!)

Search bar with check-mark in upper right hand corner

Search photos by a category

Search photos by entering a category

  • The next screen that comes up tells you that PicJoy will be busy organizing your photos while you enjoy the app and that once the photos have been organized you can search them by typing in a time of day, location, season, event and more into the search field above. How cool is that!
  • Now the fun begins! PicJoy will pull your most recent photos. For me the screen said “Yesterday.” Next you’ll see a     pre-set category menu that PicJoy has pulled together with possible “tags” (search criteria categories)  for your image(s) to help you locate them in future searches. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! You have the option of dismissing any of the suggested tags PicJoy is making. Simply click on the tag and select “Dismiss.”
Time to start tagging those photos!

Time to start tagging those photos!

  • Here’s another feature that got me super excited . . . PicJoy gives you the option with any photo(s) you select to either “share”, “tag” , “print” or “delete” them.  Fabulous right! (Remember what I said earlier about deleting!)
  • When you select the “tag” option a screen will pop up giving you the option to “Add New Tags” as well as the option to add a category for them. (Just let those photos try to elude you now!)
  • When needing to close a photo . . just swipe down. =)
To close a photo . . just

To close a photo . . just “swipe” down

  • To add additional tags to any image just tap the “plus” sign at the right. Notice when you first tap on an image that PicJoy has already pre-selected some tags for you.

If you need any additional help you can also go here.

In summary I think the app is fantastic from what I’ve experienced so far, my only regret is that I didn’t find it about 2, 000 photos ago.

So that’s it for my review of PicJoy!  Please feel free to share this post on Facebook or Pinterest. (buttons located at the bottom of this post)  I hope it helps eliminate some frustration for you too!

With Gratitude,


NaBloPoMo November 2015

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