Finding Inspiration

Hi There!

So . . . I’ve been at this daily blog challenge for all of what? . . . FOUR days!? Good grief as Charlie Brown would say!

I remember telling you how I decided to enter the daily blogging challenge because it would be an opportunity to learn and grow. Well let me tell you, the lessons are coming fast and furious!

Like a lot of things in life I decide to take on, I seem to have had this crazy sense of “I can do that!” without having really given things much thought. (Perhaps a little, just a tiny bit of a lesson the Universe keeps handing me that I’ve failed to learn?) Trust me, I’m definitely not the most confident person so how on earth is it that I always seem so sure I can pull these things off?

The first lesson (along with an avalanche of others) I’m learning on this blogging journey is  that its sure not easy!  I have a new profound respect for bloggers for a whole new set of reasons. It used to be because of their amazing online presence with beautiful pictures and words that seemed to flow effortlessly across the pages but now I get it . . I really get it!

I never appreciated or gave much thought to the behind the scenes things that bloggers go through. The countless hours of learning the technical side of things, styling their shoots, editing their images and the biggest part of all . . . what it takes them to find their inspiration for each and every post!

I remember telling you too how I thought/hoped this journey would provide some hidden gems, some little gifts for you and today I think we’ve both scored big! At least I’m hoping you’ll think so.

I started my morning off with one post in mind (I am now officially blog post idea obsessed!) but self-doubt quickly raised its ugly head and so I decided to check out my other guilty pleasure,  (Pinterest) for some quick inspiration. I didn’t really come up with any blog post inspiration but I did find some great projects I’m trying to convince my dear husband that we need to try. Not a total loss after all! *smile*

My next go to place was the internet and B-I-N-G-O!! I hit the jackpot as they say. (At least for me it was) As luck would have it, the inspiration I was seeking was handed to me like a piece of candy to a wide-eyed toddler with an outstretched expectant hand.

You remember me telling you how I love quotes? Quotes are food for my soul. They make me stop and think, really think about things. I’ve had more than one occasion where a quote has stuck with me to the point its been like a nagging persistent voice in my head all day reminding me that I need to reframe what I’m thinking or doing. Do you ever have that happen? Where are the places you look for or find your inspiration?

I think its safe to say that its easy to get stuck in our comfortable thought patterns and ways of looking at, reacting to or doing things but lately I find myself curious as to what the outcome might be if I mix things up a little . . . change them around and do them differently. Life is suddenly like a new science project of sorts when you think about that way.

I can’t say enough about how grateful I am for the inspiration that came my way this morning (I was seriously starting to break out in a cold sweat about today’s post!)  and I must admit that I felt a smile cross my face when I read today’s quote . . .  I think you’ll see why.

I hope you have a wonderful day friends and thanks for sharing in mine!

In Gratitude,


NaBloPoMo November 2015

4 thoughts on “Finding Inspiration

    1. Gathered Gratitude

      Thank you so much for stopping by and for your kind words. I’m trying to take it day by day. The numbers game is far too daunting! 😉 One things for sure, I’ll start thinking things through a lot more! Have a wonderful day!


  1. createdforajourney

    Well you would never know from reading this post that you are a new blogger. It flowed and was a very interesting read. I’ve taken the crazy challenge as well and this morning I thought what am I going to blog about today…and it’s only day 5…As I was running errands, every where I looked I could see a blog post but time ran out and I had to resort to something I already knew a little about, my cat, Simon. I’ve started jotting down ideas and starting to think I can do this…You can do…We’ll encourage each other….


  2. Gathered Gratitude

    Thank you so much for your encouragement. Unfortunately today I’ve been plagued with internet issues. My patience and hope are wearing thin! I’m looking forward to learning about Simon and think a team support approach is a wonderful idea! I’m here anytime you need a cheerleader. Thanks again!


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