The “Birthing” of a Blog

Hello and Welcome!

I have to say I never thought in a hundred years I’d be somebody interested in blogging or that if I was, it would take me almost an entire year to pull myself together and find enough courage to launch it.

As I sit here writing this I’m struck by the fact that the final thing that compelled me to start this blog happened almost a year ago. It was truly a life changer, one of those gifts that life seems to go to great lengths to bring your way and when I look back, it took it and a pretty major event several years ago to bring it all to fruition.

I say several years because it all began back in the winter of 2011.  March 5th to be exact. The day before my late Mom’s birthday. We’d had one of our famous Chinooks for a few days prior and then over night the temperatures dipped and that morning we awoke to find deep pillows of fresh snow blanketing our world. It was that magical kind of snow, the huge fat flakes that land like dinner plates in your face as you walk.

That day will forever be etched deep in my memory because life as I knew it, would be forever changed. It was 6:00 am and time to take our lovely Golden, Sophie out for her morning walk. Our morning ritual has always been to get up and take her for a half hour walk before my husband Dave, heads to work. However, this morning he needed to shovel for the kids in our neighborhood that would soon be heading to school. It was agreed that he’d catch up with us on the path once he finished clearing the walks.

I remember crossing the road at the top of our street. I don’t think I’d taken more than 20 steps  when I suddenly slipped. Yikes! It was icy under all that snow.  I started down the path again and then it happened . . . and SO fast! I felt myself propelling forward and then suddenly the next thing I knew I was falling backwards and my left leg was caught beneath me. And then I heard it!  There was a snap, just like the sound when you take a tinder dry branch and break it with both your hands. I was in trouble . . . BIG trouble!

I remember grabbing Sophie’s leash with all my might terrified of letting her go. The road beside me was busy, she had no recall and I had no way of chasing after her should she decide to run home. I remember laying on the icy sidewalk calling for help. I could hear Dave shovelling the sidewalk but he wasn’t hearing me. It felt like an eternity before someone heading to the bus-stop heard my call and came to help.

I’ll spare you all the subsequent details with the exception of the ones that are relevant to all of this which is the surgery that followed my fall.  I was wheeled out of the operating room the next day after having a rod inserted into the center of my tibia along with a plate that had been placed along my shattered fibula. This was all done by the insertion of several screws  and there was also a nail that went from the front of my ankle to the back to help stabilize something the doctor called an articulated fracture.

 . . . all the Kings horses and all the Kings men . . .

. . . all the Kings horses and all the Kings men . . .

I had no way of comprehending what was about to hit me and that was the news that I would be spending the next 7 months of my life recuperating on a couch. My leg would have to be elevated at all times and I wouldn’t be allowed to put any weight on it. Life as I had known it, had changed in all but an instant.

I’ve had 3 surgeries in three years and I can tell you, those early days were the longest days of my life but they were also the most significant and revealing days too. You learn a lot about yourself and your ability to cope through something like that and you also learn that as difficult as such events are to come to terms with, there are also gifts to be had. Sometimes it takes us a long time to find them but I assure you no matter what I’ve come through, there’s always been more than a few.

I don’t think I’ve told you but I’m absolutely passionate about photography so after getting completely bored out of my mind watching TV hour after hour I decided to get on my laptop and check out some photography sites. I don’t recall what I typed in the search bar exactly, but I do know what I discovered. . .

It was a beautiful soft still life image with the most incredible quote. I don’t think I mentioned either how much I love quotes did I? I’d never seen anything quite like it before so I clicked on the image to visit the site where it was hosted and that’s where this whole journey began.

The site was that of a wonderful still life photographer by the name of Kim Klassen and Kim had a blog and as much as I hate to confess this,  it was the first blog I had ever read. It was incredible! I remember reading through all of her posts, touched by her openness and vulnerability. I suddenly felt like I was in a friends living room and we were chatting away about kids and the day-to-day things of life. I don’t think its possible for me to explain just what a find Kim’s site was and what all that simple click of my mouse has resulted in since.

As I ventured deeper into Kim’s blog I came across a video. It was about a technique where you take a dgital texture and apply it to a photograph producing the most incredible image at then end of the process. I’d never heard of applying textures on photographs and yet suddenly I just knew I had to learn how.

As luck would have it, Kim was offering an online course and the only requirements were a computer and a copy of Photoshop. Thanks to an earlier photography course at the local university, I just happened to own a copy of Photoshop. What I didn’t have, was the confidence that I could ever master it and yet here was Kim offering a course showing how to do it.  I was sold! What better way to finally justify the program that had sat in a drawer collecting dust for over four years and after all . . .what better way could there be to occupy ones day!

I’ve followed Kim and her blog and have taken many of her courses over the last four years (highly recommemd them all – she’s a phenomenal teacher) and I can tell you that you’d be hard pressed to find a more positive, giving and compassionate person. It’s incredible really when I think about it all. Heck who knew all those years ago the significance of those events and how they would eventually lead me to the “birthing” of my blog.

In Gratitude,


13 thoughts on “The “Birthing” of a Blog

  1. kfr14819

    Dearest Bev, so happy you had good come from those long hours on the couch. I believe what you experienced was a huge stop and smell the roses time in your life. Yes, the accident precipitated it, but you did the searching, working, growing, and risk taking. So proud to know you through our mutual couch sitting recoveries, but we encouraged each other. Don’t know what I’d have done without that friendly, positive support from you. You will do well with your new venture! Your photos are extraordinary!


    1. Gathered Gratitude

      Oh my gosh! Thanks so much for stopping by, your lovely comments and for helping to pull me through those days. It’s people like you who are at the foundation of my blog. People who simply from the goodness of their heart, reach out to you and cheer you on and leave a special imprint in heart and life. I’m so grateful to you and am beyond words for the bright spot you are and continue to be.


  2. Micki

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    back down the road. Many thanks


  3. Hugo

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